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CBE group Inc, Reviews

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  • Collection Account

    I called to see if I can make payment arrangements with the Collection Team Leader . He said yes but I was not prepared at the time and did not bring my banking information with me. He began to harrass me and question why I don' t bring my checking account or credit card/debit card information. I simply stated I was only calling to inquire about POSSIBLE payment arrangements-not that I was going to set it up at that moment. He then told me he can call my bank to get the routing information -but I was uncomfortable with that and I would have to call back. He also then began calling... More...
    lmscrnfa74's Picture   lmscrnfa74    0 Comments   Comments
  • CBE Group

    We have been getting calls from them for over a month. I finally called the number back, since they never leave a message. They were looking for some deadbeat who isn't at our number, don't know if he ever was. Shouldn't collection agencies be required by law to leave a message? Should they not also e required to check numbers before they start these harassing calls to wrong numbers? Maybe deadbeats always give creditors the correct information...........RIGHT! Shouldn't they be required to give an ID other than Toll Free Number? More...
    Tom2's Picture   Tom2    0 Comments   Comments

    The company has contacted my parent's home, which I have not lived in for 12 years, constantly. They have now started calling my mother's place of employment which is beyond ridiculous!! I have contacted this company numerous times to get nothing but a recording and sent them letters in the mail demanding them to stop calling any number, but my own. This is completely out of hand and the fact they're calling my mother's job, looking for ME, is beyond unprofessional and is unlawful. The one time I did get a person to answer, they would not tell me the nature of why they... More...
    annoyed123's Picture   annoyed123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Good collection Agency

    I see a lot of complaints about people advising about not telling about the nature of the call. I thought to myself. If another company is asking about all my information and they have it, then you probably would like to know how they got it and get to the bottom of it and verify. If they were a scam and they did have all that wouldn't you like to know what they can do and just say yes to what they are verifying so you can catch them. Also would you want your friend, family, relative or anybody other than you want to know that your in collections? I don't know about you but I... More...
    cquence83's Picture   cquence83    0 Comments   Comments
  • Harassing Phone Calls

    My 16 year old daughter has been receiving at least three calls a day on her cell phone. She has never had any bills, so there is no reason for them to be calling her. She complained to me and I tried answering, just to get a recording and no one to talk to, so how can I get them to stop harassing her? I'm about at the point of having her number changed, although I really would prefer not to. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    arianna96's Picture   arianna96    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct Tv satelite Service

    I'm very upset at Direct Tv Satelite Servic. I had been a customer for over 8yrs and with know change in service my bill kept going up for no reason at all so I decided to change to Dish network and I got my final bill from Direct tv and agreed to pay half one mth and the other half the next mth which is this mth Dec I paid faithful Nov with them taking right out of my bank and the same this mth, but I had an alert on my credit score report and they posted it to my credit report Nov 29th knowing they was taking the 2nd and final payment out of my account Dec 1st. I'm very upset... More...
    Alma's Picture   Alma    0 Comments   Comments
  • Collections??????????

    This CBE Group calls constantly, I am fully disabled and it is very painful to me to dilly and dally with these people on the phone. Constant phone calls for someone else who had this phone number previously is a job? Why don't these people get a real job drilling for oil and gas, mining, forging steel, cutting and hauling timber or something more productive than calling and bothering people who are lying around disabled? I might be disabled physically but you young people who do such a job? , are very very sick. More...
    jutyhth's Picture   jutyhth    0 Comments   Comments
  • collection acco

    these people keep calling my friends home asking for me but when she asks what it is in regard to they hang up on her. I am in the process of cleaning up inaccurate things on my credit report so I know who is on there and who is not and these people are not nor have i received anything from them. Watch out as this is a fraud. More...
    (Cable TV)
    robinlsmith's Picture   robinlsmith    1 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint

    I'm writing to complain about the unlawful phone calls that The CBE Group has placed with my parents up to three times a day! They broke the law by discussing my issue with my parents. I've reported them to my State's attorney office in Maryland. I haven't lived at home in years it's a shame that they are that aggressive to obtain an debt. I have only child support income which is barely paying Rent and Food. I will pay my debts as soon my income increases to do so. I'm not trying to ignore the debt I just don't have the means right now to pay. Har assing... More...
    Polo98's Picture   Polo98    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint

    I'm writing to complain about the unlawful phone calls that The CBE Group has placed with my parents up to three times a day! They broke the law by discussing my issue with my parents. I've reported them to my State's attorney office in Maryland. I haven't lived at home in years it's a shame that they are that aggressive to obtain an debt. I have only child support income which is barely paying Rent and Food. I will pay my debts as soon my income increases to do so. I'm not trying to ignore the debt I just don't have the means right now to pay. Har assing... More...
    Breal49's Picture   Breal49    1 Comments   Comments
  • CBE Group Spam

    A man's recorded voice called me this morning asking e questions to verify who I was, then informed me they were hired by my credit card company to collect the balance on my account. I stated that I make my payment on time every month and refuse to speak to any collection agency. I, also, refused to give my social security number. I then phoned ny creditor & verified they had NOT turned my account over to anyone because I'm paying as agreed & have an arrangement that I am fulfilling most admirably. I fully expect to NEVERreceive another call from CBE or any other creditor More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    cartpat's Picture   cartpat    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible collectors

    I had an account with Altel before they switched to Verizon. Within the first month I was receiveing bills stating that I was using minutes that I knew I could not have used(1500 mins in one week). I knew that it was untrue because I am a texter, and had unlimited text. Plus I am at work all day and could not have possibly stayed on the phone that much in one week. Well, I ended my contract with Verizon and they sent me a bill for $902!! I disputed and disputed, sent letters after letters, made phone calls after phone calls. Then finally they sent me to the CBE Group. The calls,sometimes 3... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    jacliz24's Picture   jacliz24    0 Comments   Comments
  • Harassment.

    As I am beginning to notice while reading through the pages and pages of reviews on this company, each one more horrible than the next, I am not sure how they have not been shut down. I had a very similar experience to these other people, I was being called 3 or more times a day, sometimes as many as ten for the past week. They never left a message, so I never answered it. Anyone worth anything leaves a message if they really needed to call. However, I called the number back to find out what it was, assuming I would get some automated system, which was the case. Got through pretty... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    jessb44's Picture   jessb44    0 Comments   Comments
  • harassment

    I had an issue with direct tv taking money out my account without my authorization and I disputeted this transaction with my bank and was told not to pay them to this matter was resolved, because at the end they could reverse the charge and pay them. It took a couple of months to resolve, but direct tv sent the account to cbe group while the investigation was going on. Cbe group sent me out a settlement agreement with ffour even payment feb, march, apri and may, after the investigation ended, and I took advantage of this and paid feb and march. Now, they are calling me daily and... More...
    tbay's Picture   tbay    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pure ignorance

    I like many others have been receiving phone calls 3 times a day for a very long time. This has happened twice with the last phone # I had. After learning that they had the wrong phone # and was asked very politely to please remove my # from their list, the calls continued to come. And now several months later, after changing my phone number, I again am receiving the calls. This time for a different person. I know a lot about the collection laws because I use to be a collector myself. However a very respectful one at that. I never, in all my adult life have ever been treated so... More...
    1212's Picture   1212    0 Comments   Comments
  • debt payment receipt letters review

    I contacted CBE Group to settle a debt in collections from Citibank at first it was great they were willing to work out a settlement until I requested a letter sent to me before I made a payment. I then got a a song and dance on how my account would go out of their control in 4 days and by the time they got a letter to me and I responded it would be to late so I reluctantly agreed to forgo the receipt of that letter first (mistake #1) although I was promised by the rep he would send it to me in the mail for my records. I allowed a one time payment through visa for the... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    dragonstar's Picture   dragonstar    0 Comments   Comments
  • Harrassment

    I first heard from CBE group 3 months ago. At that time, I was advised that a letter would be sent to me along with statements from the credit card company showing when and where my card was used. I had not used that card for about 2 years, and I knew the number had been stolen and used by someone with the company (not CBE, but the credit card company). The letter and statements never arrived, and I received another call about a month later. Again, statements were promised but never arrived, but a letter demanding payement from CBE group did arrive. I answered in writing to them about... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    nativetexan's Picture   nativetexan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst collection agency group review

    My daughter sought emergency medical attention 1 year ago. At the time I provided her health insurance information to the physicians group. I have since provided it to CBE group 4 times. For whatever reasons the morons at the physicians group and CBE group can't submit a bill to an insurance company with the correct information. Three times they typed the account number incorrectly and said the claim was denied. Then they entered the insurance carriers name incorrectly. Lastly they couldn't enter the DOB of the policy holder the correct way. Instead they call me twice a week... More...
    cutemom3's Picture   cutemom3    1 Comments   Comments
  • Condoning DirecTV offenses

    My attorney demanded in writing October 1, 2010 that DirecTV refund me $642.18 in unjustified charges that I paid last September. They refused to answer what they did with my check & instead sent my acct. to CBE Group. As follows, both companies refuse to acknowledge DirecTV forced terminating my service. "3/5/09 I ordered Familiar Ultra package and DVR receiver. Mastec, your out-of-state installer, instead insisted on connecting Choice Extra, standard receiver at their convenience but outside my chosen 4 hr. appointment. Thus they denied you several months' DVR income.... More...
    latigua's Picture   latigua    0 Comments   Comments
  • debt

    I have been receiving calls several times a day from te CBE group regareing n account I am suppose to have with them. They will not give me any information without personal information like y ss# or my address. The last two times I called they said it was an account I had with CBE group and they advised they were not a collection agency. I looked them up on the internet to find I was lied to because they are. I have had trouble in the past as I explained to them about someone using my name and phone number and would not give them infoemation until they told me who they were calling for... More...
    bstivner's Picture   bstivner    0 Comments   Comments
  • People are PAINS

    CBE group is trying to collect a Alltel cell phone bill that I DO NOT OWE. I had settled this last year. My dispute was being billed for something I did not owe. This was even stated by Alltel/Verizon in writing that They had cleared this debt out. I had another agency after that calling about the same thing. Again, I advised the debt had been cleared out. NOW I HAVE THESE Pains calling me and should not. I refuse to talk to them, I am tired of this. I DO NOT OWE THIS BILL!!!! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    boppa35's Picture   boppa35    0 Comments   Comments
  • I have no idea

    I received a call from "Lisa" with CBE group and she wanted me to verify my address. I told her I wanted to know who CBE group was before I gave out my address, she said until I "verify" my address that she could not tell me anything. I repeatedly told her I was not telling my address until I knew who I was giving it to. She said there was nothing else she could do for me. I called the number back and asked to speak to a supervisor, and I got the run around from the person who answered the phone and said until I told them my address they could not tell me anything... More...
    (Dry Cleaning, Laundry)
    sthomas's Picture   sthomas    0 Comments   Comments
  • Robert

    The CBE Group has got to be the most unprofessional collection agency I've ever encountered in my life. I was harassed by a man who is supposedly the supervisor: name Robert- contact #1-866-882-9920. This man made the most horrific phone call over a bill I had not even received. I have never been so insulted in my entire life. I only wish that he had the audacity to come say those comments to my face. I tried to be as calm as possible but it was obvious that this man is just unhappy and pathetic in every way. Probably a side effect of child abuse or marital infidelity, this could... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)

    I am being harrased by this company calling me 3-4 times every day from different telephone numbers. I still do not know why they are calling me and have no intentions of waiting on hold for anyone I don't know to come to the line. They know how to leave a message like anyone else but they never do. What are the laws re: this type of phone harrasment? More...
    Tulia's Picture   Tulia    0 Comments   Comments

    CYBERBWL's Picture   CYBERBWL    0 Comments   Comments
  • harassed by CBE Group Inc!

    CBE group called my new cell phone number. I called them back only to get an automated response then a human came on the line without identifying himself. After asking what company he works for he mentioned CBE group. I asked what CBE Group is and he was belligerent! I finally got an answer from him on who he the call was for and it was not for me! I asked that he remove my number from their list. If I see the same number on my cell I want to know who or what agency to call to report harassing calls from this company! More...
    gracetraveler's Picture   gracetraveler    1 Comments   Comments
  • horrible!

    cbe group is full of liars they violated numerous FTC laws, lied to me, verbally denounced me over the phone, hung up on me 3 times,would not work with me, sent me to garnishment dept well before the law states it should get to that point, currently it is paid thanks to a member of my family however my congressman had to involve himself as well as my lawyers and even after the fact i am contacting my senator and the attorney general and my attorney and filing a report with the FTC. i would call them and one person would tell me one thing and then in the next call they would deny i ever... More...
    danz3783's Picture   danz3783    1 Comments   Comments
  • What and Who are these People?

    I've been there as well, but what I'm trying to figure out is, who and what are these people, they can be from these EARTH, because it takes certain kind of people to sit at a phone and call people a person and speak to them as if they are not human. Next thing is, How in Gods name do they think they will accomplish anything by there actions. No wonder they are hurting. Probably on the verge of Bankruptcy. Also, people are train by either the owner or someone under them. Can you imagine the training class....A BIG JOKE. More...
    Godsman's Picture   Godsman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Way Too Much

    I recieved a letter from CBE Group the same day my company did and the letter to my company stated that they have the right to garnishment my pay at 15% of my disposable pay but the amount they told my company that I had to pay was $45,854.95 and I also received a letter the same day and it stated that I had a balance of $29,812.99 Way too much...I only have a balance of $12,545.43 at least as far as the U.S. Department OF EDUCATION tells me. So why do you want more than 3 times the amount? More...
    sirblade48's Picture   sirblade48    0 Comments   Comments
  • Garnishment

    Harassed by CBE group Inc, I have received phone calls from CBE group Inc four times a day for the last three months!! Every single time there would be a recorded message saying that this is a personal message for (my name) But when I call them back..they ask me for my name address and then they want my SS#. I told them I don't give out my SS# and they told me they would not help me without my SS#. So I gave them the # that was on the letter they sent and then she got RUDE and told me to hold. the next rep told me I had an outstanding balance of $45,815.95 and I told him my bill... More...
    sirblade48's Picture   sirblade48    0 Comments   Comments
  • rude!

    We received 4 calls in 2 days from this company with very very rude people on the phone - not willing to tell first who they are and what they want, but asking all kind of "verification questions" we refused to answer , just to hear "you have no choice". That was threatening at least! When we looked up here i did realize what this is for company . same - they are looking for someone else with same name. lets see if they will stop calling after i asked them to not to call again wrong number. More...
    bobele's Picture   bobele    1 Comments   Comments
  • not even second rate

    I too get calls from this poor collection agency all the time - morning, noon, night, weekends, even holidays. I'm not paying this debt they have. I have no legal obligation to pay. When they started calling me, they had only my old phone number and an address from 3 years ago. All they had to do was to google me to find my current address, it's all over the web. This company is ill-informed, uneducated, and doesn't do their home-work prior to calling people and asking them to pay for outdated debts. Even if I was willing to pay, I wouldn't trust CBE Group to... More...
    Powerwave's Picture   Powerwave    0 Comments   Comments
  • RUDE!!!

    I received a phone call from this group EARLY in the am. Barely identifying themselves, they started barraging me with personal questions wanting me to verify my address and social security number. In this day and age, do they REALLY think I'm verifying anything at 8am? And to someone who won't tell me why they've called? When I became uncooperative and turned the tables by asking them questions, the caller hung up on me. Well, using my caller ID, I called them back and spoke with a man who also did not want to tell me anything, except the call was about "personal... More...
    csigirl's Picture   csigirl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Phone Etiquette

    I personally have spoken with 6 or 7 different representatives from the CBE Group over the phone. They called me because they wanted me to pay back my student loans. However, it's pretty tough to call in and get to the person you're calling for. No one ever seems to be at their desk, or they are always "on the phone" with someone else. Also, many times I have called their number, and after the recorded message, there is upwards of 5 minutes of dead silence! No one even answers the phone! Their employees use vague language, and so far, not a single person I've talked... More...
    DixieFarkus's Picture   DixieFarkus    0 Comments   Comments
  • Failure to Identify The Nature of the call

    My 64 year old mother-in-law has been receiving harassing calls from these people who refuse to identify themselves and explain how they obtained this number. When she gave permission for them to talk to myself or my wife about the matter they still refused to identify their business or the nature of the call.When they where told to contact our debt consolidation company "New Beginings" they became rude to the point of verbal abuse toward my wife and my mother-in-law. And to top it all off it is almost impossible to gather any information on this company through the internet. Who... More...
    richardray63's Picture   richardray63    0 Comments   Comments
  • CBE group

    CBE group reps claim to be various organization employees AKA Citibank when dealing with collections pertaining to those clients accounts. They are nothing more than a collection agency and a cease and desist order should be filed against them immediately upon contact about any account that this economy might have forced you to be delinquent on. DEAL with ONLY the original creditor. If you can not call the customer service number located on your normal monthly invoiced bills from the original creditor and get the help you seek, write the original creditor a letter and explain your intent to... More...
    dragunovsvd's Picture   dragunovsvd    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ridiculous

    I have been receiving multiple calls from the CBE group almost daily for a year! They are looking for someone who doesn't even live in our city. Now, they are calling for 3 different names. I have complained to the Attorney General in Pennsylvania, and he is useless. He asked them if they were calling me and they said no. So, he stopped his investigation....Duh... I am looking to get a class action suit against them for harrassment. More...
    UpsetwithCBE's Picture   UpsetwithCBE    1 Comments   Comments
  • Second Rate Business

    To Whom it may concern... CBE Group is just a second rate collection agency. Just ignore these dumb a----. They are currently in a financial hardship. If you are worried about the harassment that they give you, just block their calls. I have talked to many of their Representatives and come to the conclusion that they have no attentions of working with you on resolving your dept, ( if you have one ). Most of the time the CBE Group does not investigate the case. They are just working by word of mouth. They was harassing my friend so much, that she took legal action and the... More...
    exedrake's Picture   exedrake    1 Comments   Comments

    CBE has been calling my house for going on three months - when I answer the phone I get a recorded message telling me to press one - when I press one nothing happens - On at least four ocassions I made contact with a human and informed them they had the wrong number - on all four each ocassion I was told my phone number would be removed - but - I keep getting the calls every single day and sometimes two times a day - More...
    annierooney's Picture   annierooney    1 Comments   Comments
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